Saturday, February 4, 2017

Islamic books in Bangla

Islamic books in Bangla language are very popular for Bengali language people of Muslim religion. There are four religions in the world. Islam religion is one of them. The word Islam means 'submission to the will of God'. They lead their according the command of Allah. They can know it by reading various Islamic books. Like other language these kinds of books publish in Bengali language.
Islamic books in Bangla

There are many Islamic books publish in Bengali language. These books are very popular to god fearingpeople of Islam religion. They can know many things about religion by reading these kinds of books. There are some Bangla Islamic books are discussed below.
Sahih Bukhari Shorif:It is one of the best Islamic books. This book is written by Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Ismail al-Bukhari Al-Jufi (Rahmatullah). Islamic Foundation Bangladesh is the publisher of this popular Islamic book. This book publishes in ten parts. About prayer, roja and many kinds of ahadith is discussed in this famous book.
Sahih Muslim: It is the most authentic book of ahadithafter Sahih Bukhari. More than seven thousand and five hundred ahadith is discussed in this famous Islamic book. It is the one of the greatest presentation of Bengali language Islamic book.
Tafsir Ibn Kasir:This is one of the most complete explanationsbooksof The Noble Quran. You can very easily know many ahadith by reading this comprehensive famous book. This Islamic book helps Muslim people in many ways in their life.
RosulSallahualaihisallamer 200 sonaliupodesh:You can very easily get much Islamic news by reading this popular book. This news helps you to lead a proper life. You can lead your life in Islamic way by reading this book. This two hundred ahadith is so much important for all Muslims.
Zakat Na deyarporinam:Zakat is another column of Islam. To give zakat is compulsory for all rich people. If he doesn’t give zakat, it will be sin for him. By reading this book you can know about punishment if you don’t give zakat. So this book is very important for you and all Muslim people.
Romjan Maser Foilot: Ramadan month is very important month for all Muslims. It brings much reward for them. If you don’t pray Ramadan it will be sin for you. You can know about this by reading this very popular book. So it is very important Islamic Bangla book for all Muslims.
RiyadusSalehin:It is so much popular Islamic Bengali language book at the present time. You can know many Islamic rules by reading this book. It helps you to lead your life in proper way.
Islamic book is so much popular to Muslims. By reading them they can know many things which help them in many ways. Here is some name of Islamic book of Bengali language. Stay with us and get many news about this. Thank you very much for being with us. Stay with us and get important news like HSC result 2017.