Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cadet College Bangladesh Admission

Cadet College is a very popular educational institution of Bangladeshi students in class seven. There are twelve cadet colleges in Bangladesh. There are only three girls’ cadet colleges in Bangladesh. There are nine boys’ cadet colleges in BD. Among of them four cadet colleges were established before the liberation war of Bangladesh. Other colleges were built after 1971 (after liberation war of Bangladesh).

Only in class seven can admit in these educational institutions. Both boys and girls can admit. Before admitting in these educational institutions every student must sit for the admission test. Do you want to know everything about Cadet College, admission process? You can very easily know about it from here.

Cadet College
         Subject           Marks
  • English             65
  • Mathematics     55
  • Bangla              40
  • Science, ICT and General Knowledge    40
  • Total    200
Text Book: English for Today For class-VI, Prescribed by the National Curriculum & Textbook

  • Sentence.
  • Parts of Speech.
  • Number.
  • Punctuation and use of capital letters.
  • Tense.
  • Transformation of sentences.
  • Gender.
  • Subject and Predicate.
  • Re-arrange jumbled words to make sentences.
  • Spelling.
  • Correct form of verbs
  • Agreement of Subject and Verb.
  • Contractions.
  • Phrases and Idioms.
  • Open Ended.
  • Paragraph writing.
  • Argumentative Essay.
  • Comprehension.
  • Story writing from given outline.
Text Book: class-VI, Prescribed by the National Curriculum & Textbooks.
  • Natural number and fractions.
  • Simple equations.
  • Ratios and percentages.
  • Information & data.
  • Algebraic expressions.
  • Integers.
  • Practical geometry.
  • Basic concept of geometry.
  • IQ related mathematics.
  • Following prescribed textbooks for class 6 by national curriculum & textbook board for
A. Bangladesh & global studies.
B. Science.
C. Information communication and technology.
  • General knowledge and current affairs (issues covering Bangladesh aspects).
  • IQ.
গদ্য ও পদ্য (চারুপাঠ)
জাতীয় শিক্ষাক্রম ও পাঠ্যপুস্তক বোর্ড কর্তৃক নির্ধারিত ষষ্ঠ শ্রেণীর পাঠ্যপুস্তক।

  • ধ্বনি ও বর্ণ, ণ-ত্ব ও ষ-ত্ব বিধান, সন্ধি.
  • শব্দ ও পদ পরিচয় : শব্দ, পদ, পদের শ্রেণী বিভাগ, পদ পরিবর্তন, বিপরীত শব্দ, দ্বিরুক্ত শব্দ ও সংখ্যাবাচক শব্দ.
  • বচন.
  • ক্রিয়ার কাল : শ্রেণী বিভাগ ও প্রয়োগ.
  • কারক.
  • লিঙ্গ.
  • নির্মিতি/রচনারীতি.
  • বাগধারা.
  • এক কথায় প্রকাশ.
  • বিরাম চিহ্ন.
  • সারাংশ ও সারমর্ম.
  • ভাব-সম্প্রসারণ.
  • অনুচ্ছেদ লিখন/যুক্তিভিত্তিক অনুচ্ছেদ (১০-১৫ বাক্য).
  • অনুধাবন.
There are few steps of admission. These steps are
  • At first submit your application.
  • Written examination
  • Viva test (applicant who will pass written exam).
  • Medical test
  • Suitability test.
  • Last steps is result
Nationality: You can apply if you citizen of Bangladesh by birth.
Education:  You must pass class 6 if you want to apply.
Age: Your age must be at highest 13 years and 6 months.
Height: maximum 5 feet 6 inches for boys and maximum 4 feet 8 inches for girls.

That’s all about Cadet College. Thank you very much for being with us. Best wishes for you and for your cadet College examination. You can also read EBT Scholarship Result.