Thursday, February 2, 2017

Add All Your Friends to FB Group by One Click

Do you want to add your Facebook friends in a Facebook group in a few moments? Yes, you can add them in a Facebook group by one click. You want to do this, but can’t? This article is absolutely for you. The Facebook group is one kind of virtual group. This type of group is created for discussion or sharing important information. Anyone can join in the groups. But one person can’t join more than five thousand groups. You must need Google chrome, if you want to add them just one click.
Add All Your Friends to FB Group by One Click

What is Facebook Group?
The Facebook group is one kind of virtual group which make in Facebook. This group is generally created for promoting something or sharing information. It is very popular at the present moment. Anybody can join a group if he wants. You can’t join more than five thousand groups.
Why Facebook Group Is Important?
The Facebook group is very important. You can get current news, information from this. You can share many things. You can communicate with many people at a time. You can give them important information at a time. By doing this you can save your time. You can promote your products very easily. It is very helpful for your business. You can monitor some people very easily at a time. You can maintain your business network very easily.
How to Create Group?
•    Click on create group and then write group name.
•    Select group privacy. Now click on create.
•    You successfully create a group. Write group description.
How to Add All Facebook Friends?
This is not a simple duty to add too many friends in Facebook groups. Sometimes you face so much difficulty. But now you can add them very easily if you follow our instructions.
•    Laptop, MacBook, or PC with Chrome installed.
•    If you don’t have chrome browser, download from here.
•    You must need running internet connection.
Add Facebook Friends by Using Chrome Extension
•    Download chrome extension
•    Open your group.
•    At last enable extension. This extension will add your friends in few moments.
Add Friends by Using Browser Script
•    At first log in to your facebook account.
•    Then open your facebook group which you want to add your facebook friend.
•    Click F12 or Ctrl+ Shift+ J to open debugger.
•    Copy this script.
•    Select console box or Ctrl+ Shift+ K.
•    Paste the script in the last of console box.
•    Press enter.
•    Now time to wait. Wait few moments.
Don’t worry, this script is fully safe. This script is a 100 % working script. This is working just like magic. After adding all Facebook friends’ script will show notification.
All processes are safe for you and your account. These will not cease with your account. Thank you very much for reading this important article. Hope this will help you so much. Stay with us and get valuable information like HSC exam .Thank you very much for reading how to add all Facebook friends at a glance.