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Xiaomi Mi6 Full Specification, Price, and Release Date

Xiaomi Mi6 is an upcoming mobile phone of Xiaomi. Do you want to know everything about Xiaomi Mi6? If you want to know, this article is a perfect article for you. By reading this you can easily know about the spec, price and release date of Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone.  Xiaomi is so popular phone at the present moment in mobile phone industry. Mi model phone of Xiaomi is popular besides another model phone of Xiaomi. Xiaomi Mi6 would be released in the second month of 2017. You can enjoy wireless charging by using this mobile. One can unlock his mobile by using an eye scanner system instead of fingerprints. Camera and battery are better than other device. It supports multi-touch system, and dual SIM. You can also enjoy metal uni-body. Processor of Xiaomi Mi6 mobile is 2.5 GHz. We say more about Xiaomi Mi6 below.

Release Date of Xiaomi Mi6:
Xiaomi Mi6 officially would be released all over the world in March, 2017. You can easily collect this mobile phone after releasing from Redmi authorized point.

Price of Xiaomi Mi6:
Prices would be different in various countries because of difference of currencies. 500 USD is price in United States (US). 385 GBP is price in United Kingdom (UK). 33380 INR is price in India. 39500 BDT is price in Bangladesh. 3330 CNY is price in China. Price list of Xiaomi Mi6 is given below.

Xiaomi Mi6 specification:
Xiaomi Mi6 is a wonderful mobile phone. It has some special specification. You can use wireless charging system by this phone because this phone has wireless charger. Xiaomi Mi6 has the fastest charging system. So you can charge your mobile phone very quickly. Camera of Xiaomi Mi6 is so better. Camera has many sensors. Display of this mobile phone is ultra HD. 4000 mAh is battery capacity of this wonderful phone. Short spec of Xiaomi Mi6 is given below.
·         Display: 5.2-inches ultra HD display.
·         Processor: 2.5 GHZ processor.
·         Camera: Rare 23 MP and front 7 MP.
·         Memory support: Up to 64 GB.
·         Battery: 4000 mAh.
·         Wireless charging system.
·         It has gorilla glass.
·         Unlock mobile phone by eye scanner.
·         It has the fastest charging system.
·         It supports dual sim.
·         6 GB ram.

Price of Xiaomi Mi6:

Prices would be different in various countries because of difference of currencies. 500 USD is price in United States (US). 385 GBP is price in United Kingdom (UK). 33380 INR is price in India. 39500 BDT is price in Bangladesh. 3330 CNY is price in China. Price list of Xiaomi Mi6 is given below.

Country name
United kingdom
386 GBP
United States
500 USD
655 CAD
650 SGD
3325 CNY
33380 INR
39500 BDT

Operating System of Xiaomi Mi6:
Xiaomi Mi6 supports android 6.1 version. This is the latest version of android system. This version is known as Marshmallow version. By this android version mobile phone will be fast.  If android update version will available, you can update android version system. You can use 4G network system by this wonderful device.

Display of Xiaomi Mi6:
5.2 inch is display size of Xiaomi Mi6. This phone will release with ultra HD display. This display size will give you remarkable experience. By using this mobile phone you feel so comfortable. Resolution of this mobile phone’s display is 4096 x 2160.  Xiaomi Mi6 may take a screen with a ppi near 700. Firstly, this phone release only black color phone. Xiaomi Mi6 supports multi touch system.

Camera of Xiaomi Mi6:
Camera of mobile phone is so much important for young generation. Xiaomi Mi6 will available with very high quality camera. This mobile have 23 MP (mega pixel) primary camera. Photographer can use this mobile phone camera for their daily activities. Xiaomi Mi6 has 8 MP (mega pixel) secondary or front camera, which is so much enjoyable for them whom like to take selfie. This phone has auto focus system.

Xiaomi Mi6 Battery:
Battery is an important feature of mobile phone device. Xiaomi Mi6 will available with high powerful battery. This device has 4000 mAh battery which gives you a better experience. You can use this battery many hours. You can use all features properly when your battery is so good. Xiaomi Mi6 provides you this opportunity. By using this device you can use all kinds of features. You can complete 30% charge of your device only in 20 minutes.

Xiaomi Mi6 Wireless Charging System:
You can charge Xiaomi Mi6 by using wireless charging system. Wireless charging system is an amazing feature. This feature is not available in all mobile phone. This charging system charges your device faster. If you have an emergency task and have short time in your hand but haven’t much charge in your device, you can charge your device quickly. Then you will go for completing your task. I think this is helpful all people. You can complete 50% charge of your mobile device within 30 minute.

Retina Scanner System:
You can use retina scanner system in your mobile phone device only. This system is seriously enjoyable. You can unlock Xiaomi Mi6 mobile phone by using retina scanner system. Fingerprint system treat as past system. But retina scanner system is a new system. This feature is only use in Xiaomi Mi6. This system is obviously a unique at the present time.

Xiaomi Mi6 Processor:
Mobile phone speed is an important factor of any device. 2.5 GHZ processor use in Xiaomi Mi6 mobile phone. Qualcomm octa-core processor is used in this device. This powerful processor makes your device so fast. You can use your mobile phone swiftly for this special feature.
Metal Uni-body with Glass Back
Metal uni-body with glass back is used in Xiaomi Mi6. This feature provides you a new experience. Metal uni-body saves your device from any kind’s body problem of mobile phone. This gives your mobile a special look.

Memory of Xiaomi Mi6:
Up to 64 GB internal memory you can use in Xiaomi Mi6. It supports up to 128 GB external memory. You can use micro SD memory in this device because this mobile has micro SD memory slots.
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You can get all kinds of information about Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone from us. Wish this phone gives you special experience. Please wait until this phone release. Thank you for being with us.